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Ad serving is blocked if you use fraudulent ad viewing methods.

Yes, you can, but not in the same time.

Absolutely not.


To withdraw funds click Withdraw link next your balance and follow instructions. Minimal amount to withdraw is 50 Rupees. Withdrawal is processed immediately.

This means that the account from which the system makes payments has run out of funds. Usually we make sure that there is always money on the account, but on weekends we do not have the opportunity to replenish this account.

Currently available output to the Razorpay


Check your site using the virustotal.com service and fix the violations. Some sites are prohibited for advertising at the discretion of the administration.

We do not allow the promotion of adult sites or use images with similar content. And also the moderator may reject any advertisement at his own discretion, if he considers it unacceptable.

Unfortunately, sometimes this happens. Please contact support to resolve the issue.